Notifire Professional

Notifire Professional 2.0.0

Customizable notifications on your Blackberry

Notifire™ Professional provides you with the ultimate customizable notification for your address book contacts or messages that meet your defined criteria. Never miss an important message again or delete a specific message that matches certain criteria!

Features of Notfire include:

  • Works for Email, SMS, and PIN Messages
  • Create custom contact criteria based on From,Subject,To,Cc, and/or Message Body
  • Auto deletion of specific messages - Spam Filtering
  • Use your own MIDI files
  • Use your own contact images
  • Time based setting - Including weekends option
  • Categories
  • Complete control of the Song,Vibrator, and LED options for maximum flexibility
  • Complete override of the native profile setting
  • Works for all messaging services on the BlackBerry simultanouesly (BES - BIS/BWC)

Notifire is a powerful message management application for all message services on your Blackberry.

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Notifire Professional


Notifire Professional 2.0.0

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